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you must be wondering who i am. well, hi. i’m a winner blog who aimlessly drifts on the fandom’s sacred river for i don’t know who to ship and can’t decide who among our little devils is really my bias. plus, i have an awkward personality that can have me screaming at your ear on the moment you least expect and then suddenly meditating over the meaning of life due to my short attention span (is that a cat?! oh but we don’t even have a ca-) ahem, anyway. it’s one of the reasons why i rarely have the confidence to talk to anyone on this site. but because my blog will be celebrating his (yes, it is a male) 3rd month anniversary, i figured that i should share among my precious followers (hello and i love you guys~!) the list of blogs that made my tumblr life as an ACE, so far, colourful and awesome.


winner-centric’s blog recommendation list.001 

251013 | 69withmino | amlno | deer-jinwoo | fakewinnersubs | ftwinner |gn-a | huqeboy | jenimino | jinwco | jjnwoo | kimjjinwoo | king-mino | kyuunqsoo | leadahb-i | lee-seunghoon | minoins | minotasan | namtaehoney | orimino | songmin | taehvn | winnerection | winner-bang | winner-edits | ygdomination | yghigh | ygwnners | yg-boys

*bold: sunbaenim ;~;


fyeahmino | forseungyoon | fy-jinwoo | fy-taehyun | fy-winner | translatedkhiphoplyrics | ygfamilyy| ygwinner| younglion-seunghoon

Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

PS: the follow-up post, the .002 version, will be posted on my 321st anniversary. i hope we are still all alive until then. bye~

PPS: or was it PSS? or PPSS? /head-desk: i spew unnecessary stupid jokes all the time and that one up there is one of them. yup. anyway. awful joking aside, the list is kinda short because the winner-related blogs that i follow are still limited as the fandom is still growing. i’ll probably add some more soon. not on my 321st anniv but soon. and if you are wondering why you can’t find winner-centric on your followers list, i’m listed as sangtae-hyung. that’s my primary blog.  

so yeah, follow all of them listed above and enjoy~!


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